The rich and rare flavor of Maple Valley Sugarbush can only be found at their Hambden Maple Stand or ordered through this website for front door delivery.!   Rich, buttery and full-of-flavor Syrup!  
  Visit our booth at the Chardon Maple Festival  10:am -5:pm
April 26-29

Geauga County Ohio is known throughtout the world as one of the
best places to produce maple syrup.

The nearby Great Lakes
provide just the right moisture and temperatures. The rich soils provide the nutrients, and the mid-February & March freeze and thaw cycles are perfect for the sap runs throughout the Maple production season in the Spring.

Dave Divoky, of Maple Valley Sugarbush captures nature’s best through consistent, passed-down generational maple syrup production practices. Maple Valley has won numerous ribbons in Maple Syrup competitions. When asking Dave about what makes his maple syrup different, Dave simply states, “It’s in the flavor”!

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