Maple Valley Syrup Pint

Maple Valley Syrup Quart

Maple Valley Syrup Maple Leaf 1.75 oz

Maple Valley Syrup 1 Gallon

We produce our pure maple syrup in 3 ambers, light medium and dark bottled in 7 sizes. Please scroll this page down to view all of them.

The dark syrup has the strongest maple flavor (our most popular) while the lightest is strong on sweetness with a hint of our maple flavor. The medium amber has a balance of both even though the light and dark are never mixed together. Pictured is our light amber. The varience in color is created by bottle syrup volume.

Check out our mouth watering recipes just before you finish ordering just to make sure you have ordered enough!

On the gifts/samplers' page, we have put together 3-amber trial packs to help you get aquainted with our products.

The testimonialls throughout our website are from our faithful, repeat customers. We take great pride in producing world class syrup and our desire is to produce syrup worthy of a kind word.

Our products arrive at your door usually in 2-5 business days.

For large-volume food preparation, we have grade B available. Please call for pricing.

If your complete order weight is over 25 lbs., (determined at checkout), we will contact you for the most cost-effective shipping rate.


Maple Valley Syrup 1/2 Pint

Maple Valley Syrup Maple Leaf 8.45 oz

Maple Valley Syrup Maple Leaf 1.75 oz




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